Rare and Stunning Tiffany & Co. 184 piece Sterling Silver Flatware

Rare and Stunning Tiffany & Co. 184 piece Sterling Silver Flatware

We wanted share with you this rare and stunning Tiffany & Co. 184 piece sterling silver flatware and serving set in Italian Renaissance pattern, from the estate of a very prominent family in Portland, OR.  This is some of Tiffany's finest turn of the century work, designed in 1904 by Paulding Farnham. Farnham was Tiffany's master jewelry and silver designer at the turn of the century. This is his best known and highly coveted design, superbly cast in Renaissance style with finely sculptured detail of a nude goddess, partially draped in fabric and adorned with flowers. This pattern is a multi-motif pattern, meaning that the decoration on some pieces varies somewhat. 

Interestingly, Louis Comfort Tiffany (who became vice president at Tiffany's after the death of his father in 1902) and Paulding Farnham disagreed about some of Farnham's designs. L. C. Tiffany didn't like the historical accuracy of Farnham's nude female figure, who subsequently gained drapes. (See Janet Zapata's article, "The rediscovery of Paulding Farnham, Tiffany's designer extraordinaire - Part II: Silver," in the Magazine Antiques, April 1991.)"

All in excellent condition, no dents or dings, minimal surface scratching. Most have monogram of "S" or "BSS"

Included in the set are the following:

Tablespoon 8 1/2"
2 different Salad fork 7"
Dinner fork 8"
Dessert or salad fork, gold vermeil tines 6 1/4"
Ice cream fork, gold vermeil bowl 5 3/4"
Citrus spoon, gold vermeil bowl 5 3/4"
Demitasse spoon, gold vermeil bowl 4 1/8"
Teaspoon 5 3/4"
Soup spoon 5 1/4"
True dinner knife 10 1/2"
Dinner knife 9 3/4" 
Serving spoon, gold vermeil bowl 10 1/4"
Serving fork, gold vermeil tines 10 1/8"
Ladle 7 1/2"
Butter knife spreader 6 1/4"
Salt spoon 2 1/4"

Total weight of 8738 grams. 



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